Hot off the press

Exciting news, we are getting our second, yes SECOND!!! commission to make something a bit unusual and brilliant for the good people out there in social media land. (Check us out, woo!)

Our first one was way back in December for those cheerful souls at Created in Birmingham who asked us to make some Christmas cards for their sponsors which we duly did and were jolly chuffed with them too.

Now, as we shimmy delicately through February we have another one from the slightly kooky (I say ‘kooky’, I mean ‘clinically insane’) chaps at
Before I get too carried away, let me tell you a little about them…

Hidden away beneath a cuckoo clock factory in downtown Geneva is the Frankenlab, home of Dr Victor Emelius Frankenstory, his demented and festering assistant Igor and Elsie, the rottweiler.

The Frankenlab is home to their patented story monster who gobbles up stories submitted to the website and spews them out as hilariously mutated hybrid tales. It is a fantastic creative writing game for two players, instantly familiar to anyone who has ever played consequences.

We love it and only interrupt a game for strictly regulated tea breaks. And Murder She Wrote.

The boys/ beasts will be sharing their tales at Conway Hall, London tomorrow (19th Feb) at The Story, a conference about…er..stories and story telling (kind of obvious when you think about it).

This is where your two favourite crafters come in. As a way of commemorating this trip, Dr Frankenstory has asked me and Lady to make a special prize for the winners of their story competition which is being launched tomorrow.
We can promise you that it will be strange, may offend but probably wont have any candy floss in it, what more could you ask for?

Keep checking here to see updates of what we are making, and have a go at winning it yourself!

Yeah! Making, making, making…

Small x


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